And the OSCAR goes to...

World Premiere
150 MIN Language - Malayalam with English Subtitle
Director : Salim Ahamed
Cast : Tovino Thomas, Nikki Rae Hallow, Anu Sithara, Siddique, Salim Kumar

And the Oscar goes to.. is a Malayalam drama movie. It deals with Ishaq Ibrahim, a struggling producer and director, whose movie gets selected as the official Indian entry to the Oscars. What follows, is his journey from his homeland Kerala to Hollywood to vie his movie for the Oscars. Will his movie be the 15 officially selected movies ? How will he adapt in a new city, new friends and new people? Will he achieve his dream and get his movie nominated at the Oscars?

This movie is directed by Salim Ahamed. It holds a special place in our festival as part of it was shot in Edmonton with local artistes. Come to watch your city on big screen. Also, meet the lead actor Tovino Thomas, Anu Sithara from India and local artiste Nikki Hallow and others.

Shu Thayu?! (English: What Happened?)


Shu Thayu?! (English: What Happened?) is a 2018 Indian Gujarati language comedy film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik and produced by Mahesh Danannavar, the founder of MD Media Corp & Vaishal Shah. It stars Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni, Mayur Chauhan, Mitra Gadhvi, Aarjav Trivedi and Kinjal Rajpriya. The score was composed by the Kedar-Bhargav and Rahul Munjariya.

Shu Thayu?! grossed Highest box office collection in Gujarati cinema till recently. Shu Thayu is about Manan (Malhar Thakar) falls in love with Dipali (Kinjal Rajpriya) and tries to convince her parents to let them marry.As wedding preparations begin, he is injured in a cricket match and loses his memory of the past two years. Included in those lost memories is his beloved Dipali. Only his friends know about the accident and wait anxiously to see if Manan will regain his memory before his wedding day or if his family, Dipali, and her family must be told what happened.



A sharia practice allows muslim men to divorce their wives by simply saying the word ‘talaq’(divorce) three times. Lubna’s husband said this one word, three times and threw her out the house along with their infant son. As per the prevailing sharia practice of Divorce, this divorce was legal and final. In order to return to her husband, Lubna was asked to undergo halala. Halala is a tradition that requires the divorced woman to marry another man, let him ‘consummate the marriage’ and then has to divorce her before she can remarry her original husband. 3 Seconds Divorce tells Lubna’s story as she reels under the effects of triple-divorce and finds her way into Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, an Indian muslim women’s group advocating for a legal ban on this type of divorce. Shot over three years, the documentary provides an intimate account of Lubna’s struggles that led to a ban.

Apur Spansar/ The world of APU


Apu is a jobless ex-student dreaming vaguely of a future as a writer. An old college friend talks him into a visit up-country to a village wedding.



Nagarkirtan is a 2019 bengali film, written and directed by Kaushik Ganguly. Thebfilm won four awards in the 65th National Film Awards, India.

Unable to cope with the trauma of being ‘betrayed’ by her teacher Subhash, Porimol, a trans woman, runs away from home and joins a ghettoof eunuchs as Puti and sings at traffic signals to earn money. There she falls in love with Madhu, a delivery boy, who moonlights as flautist. Their love blossoms while they dream of raising money required for the sex reassigned surgery after meeting the first transgender person in India, Manabi Bandyopadhyay. But transphobic society does not support their dreams. Find out about Puti and Madhu’s story and their journey.

Join the QandA and panel discussion after the movie.



This is a restored version of a 1984 movie, directed by Mrinal Sen. It is based on a short story ‘Discovering Telenapota’. It was screened in the Un Certain Refard section at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival.

Three friends from the city visit some ruins where an aged mother (Gita Sen) and her daughter Jamini (Shabana Azmi) live. Mother awaits the arrival of a distant cousin to marry Jamini, but the man is already married and living in Calcutta. The photographer Subhash (Naseeruddin Shah) takes pity on the family and pretends to be the awaited suitor. They keep up the charade for the duration of the trio's visit, Subhash quietly becoming a t t r a c t e d t o J a m i n i e v e n a s h e understands the fate awaiting her. When the friends leave, Jamini stays behind, facing a life of loneliness in the ruins.



It is the story of a guy who gets addicted to the drugs and his perception of reality blurs and he ends up in trouble (poster attached).

Direction & Editing - Abhilash Kochupurackal
DOP & Sound design - Andrews Alex
Tittles & Art Direction - Joji Kuriyan
Production Controller - John Jofin
Associate Directors - Sudheesh K Scaria Kaipananicakl
Vishnu Rajan
Dijo Augustine
Sreejith Sree
Photography- Roshan Mathews
Publicity Design - Vishnu Udayan
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Virus is an Indian Malayalam - language medical thriller film directed by Aashiq Abu. It is based on the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, the film was written by Muhsin Parari, Sharfu and Suhas. It stars Kunchacko Boban, Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas, Rahman, Indrajith Sukumaran, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Dileesh Pothan, Parvathy, Rima K a l l i n g a l , R a m y a Nambeeshan and Revathi in lead roles.



Hanumant Kendre was an ordinary man, living in a draught prone village called Nagdarwadi. He was heartbroken when his marriage with Suvarna, a girl he had liked, was called off due to the God forsaken condition of his village. Nagdarwadi had been suffering from water scarcity since ages. The path Hanumant chose to win back the woman he loved almost cost him his life. He decided he would marry Suvarna only after bringing water round the year to every doorstep in his village.

Paani is the true story of Nagdarwadi and a common man’s endeavour for home and love!



Vellai Pookal is a 2019 Tamil language suspense thriller film directed by Vivek Elangovan. The film stars Vivek and is produced by Indus Creation an Arts group based out of Seattle.

Rudhran, a retired police officer from Tamil Nadu decides to spend time with his son who lives in the USA. There he meets his daughter in law and various interesting neighbours, quickly making new friends. However, the seemingly welcoming and peaceful neighbourhood soon turns hostile when people around him start to suddenly disappear , presumed dead.

The story revolves how Rudhran, embarks on his own investigation to identify the culprit.


Bhavai is a Hindi language movie.

Religion and Culture have blindfolded the society in such a way that one doesn't want to question and neither have the curiosity to question or interrogate arise. This story comes to a standstill to make people think and differentiate the gap between a real and reel life due to their blind faith and mental blocks, their fake religious beliefs were affecting their thoughts and actions against the couple.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye!

Chaal Jeevi Laiye! is a Gujarati language movie.

Chal Jeevi Laiye - Come, Lets Live! A road film , comedy - drama written and directed by Vipul Mehta.

In his quest to become successful entrepreneur, Aditya Parikh puts life on the back burner, including his father, who gets diagnosed with pontine glioma. Aditya agrees to take his father to Uttarakhand as his last wish. During the trip they meet a backpacker, named Ketki Mehta.

The journey turns out to be an experience with surprises and realizations of their way to happiness and closeness.

The film was the highest grossing film of Gujarati cinema.